Flat Feet / Fallen Foot Arches

What is Flat Feet/Fallen Foot Arches?

Flat Feet / fallen foot arches is the most common foot deformity. It is reported that over sixty million Americans, or 25% of the U.S. population have flat feet. The majority of these cases, especially in children, require only conservative (non-surgical) treatment if any at all.

Flat Feet / fallen foot arches are not necessarily a medical problem, although some people may have an aesthetic problem with this condition. People with a flat feet or highly arched feet that   experience pain should seek medical treatment.

Causes of Flat Feet Include:


In some cases surgery may be required if the condition does not respond to non-surgical methods of treatment.  As with all foot problems, early diagnosis is key and can prevent the need for surgical correction if the condition worsens.