Arthritis of the Feet

What is Arthritis of the Feet?

Arthritis of the Feet may be a disabling and occasionally crippling disease. It afflicts approximately 40 million Americans and it appears to have hereditary tendencies. While the commonness of arthritis increases with age, people of all ages—from infancy to middle age—can potentially get arthritis of the feet.

Arthritis in the foot is characterized by inflammation of the cartilage and lining of the body’s joints. If the feet seem more susceptible to arthritis than other parts of the body, it is because each foot has 33 joints which can be afflicted, and there is no way to avoid the pain of the tremendous weight-bearing load on the feet. People over 50 are the primary targets of arthritis in the feet. Arthritic feet can result in loss of mobility and independence. With early diagnosis and proper medical care this may be avoided.

Symptoms of Arthritis of the Feet


Arthritis can be treated in many ways, including: